Your condition is unique and requires a unique approach. The recommended length of care varies from person to person. In order to determine your health care approach, an initial consultation and evaluation will be performed.

Following the initial consultation and evaluation, we will construct a comprehensive health care plan. We will then present you with your unique health care plan for your agreement. Once we have agreed to a health care plan, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

While some pain relief may occur after the first adjustment, in some cases relief may take longer.

We believe each individual case is important and requires individual care and attention for your relief. In addition, as you gain relief from your original concern, we believe that long term health and wellness begins with a comprehensive wellness plan.

Here at Bourree Chiropractic & Laser in Kirkland, we are sensitive to your progress and do frequent interim care progress consultations and tests. Your health care plan is modified accordingly.