The concept is ‘One Stop Shopping’. You do not need multiple appointments at different clinics to strengthen your body.

Performing strengthening exercises with patient. We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to speed healing, promote stability of your condition, and ultimately achieve an enhanced quality of life.

We have independent massage therapists in-house who may provide massage therapy along with your care. The massage therapy in conjunction with your care accelerate the healing process and restores your quality of life.

At Bourree Chiropractic & Laser in Kirkland, we believe that your time is important to you. Our goal is to see you at your scheduled time. Our typical appointment is approximately 10 – 15 minutes. Consultations and new patient appointments will take longer, and are scheduled appropriately while being on time, reflecting the importance of your schedule.

We believe that your time and health are important to your overall quality of life. Because of our belief, we dedicate approximately one hour of time in consultations and re-evaluations of your needs. During this time we will adjust your health care plan based on your response to our chiropractic care.