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It seems as if everyone is talking about stem cells. What are stem cells? Medical News Today defined them on July 19th, 2017 as a class of cells that specialize in becoming bone, muscle, nerves, tissues, blood cells and whatever makes up the human body.

There are a few different types of stem cells. There are embryonic stem cells, which come from an embryo. These stem cells are not generally used in the U.S. because to get to them, the embryo must be destroyed. There are adult stem cells - they are found all over the body: brain, blood, muscle, and skin, liver, fat, and bone marrow. These stem cells remain in the body until the body needs to repair diseased tissue or injured tissue. At birth, an individual has about 1 stem cell for every 10,000 cells. At the age of 16, the body only has 1 stem cell for every 100,000 cells. At the age of 60, the body only has 1 stem cell per 2-3 million cells. As you age, you produce less stem cell and per research out of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) if you are sick and have a disease such as cancer, diabetes, etc. this can affect your stem cells and make them sick as well. If you take a Statin to lower your cholesterol, the Statin will kill your stem cells as well. This study comes from the Tulane University School of Medicine.

Because of the aging of stem cells, I find that if you are 20 years of age and younger, most people have enough stem cells in their body for the procedure to work. However, as you age the number of stem cells decline as does your chance of success with your treatment / procedure. Remember it is a surgical procedure. If you do adult stem cells from fat or bone marrow, be sure to find out how many stem cells you are getting. If the doctors will not tell you, then try another doctor. The FDA conducted a study and found that: 1. Adipose fat contains 4.737 stem cells per 1.55 million cells; and 2. Bone marrow contains 1 stem cell per 317,400 cells.

Amniotic fluid is another area from which we can obtain stem cells. As per the FDA, amniotic fluid has a lot of generalized debris and very few stem cells but abundant amount of Platelet Growth Factor (PGF). Think of PGF as a fertilizer for an injured body part. Placental fluid is another area where stem cells can be found. However, lime amniotic cells; there are very few stem cells but a lot of PGF.

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells (HUCBSC) is the result of a healthy mother giving birth to a healthy baby with no known genetic defects. If the mother does not want to freeze her child's stem cells for later use, than the stem cell banks can take the umbilical cord and obtain stem cells from the cord blood. HUCBSC's have no HLA-DR factor so they are immune naive. They don't react to the host, so you can give them to anyone. They have no HLA-DR which is what would cause an immune reaction. The stem cells I use in my practice are safe for patients because they are tested for 13 different diseases by the company I use - all other stem cell companies' check for about 6. Per the FDA, HUCBSCs are the richest source for stem cells, having about 5.1 million stem cells per general 1cc unit. Per the NIH, they are very young and able to become bone, muscle, cartilage, and nervous tissues. So they are not affected by age or general health of the recipient. the HUCBSC cells that we use are classified as Mesenchymal Stem Cells - or MSC. All MSC have the ability to migrate in the body, looking for damaged cells.

I hope this is helpful as you navigate the world of stem cells!

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