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Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a musician and writer, I perform a lot repetitive movements. In addition, fibromyalgia gives me painful musclespasms at times, and old back and neck sports injuries have left scar tissue and pain in some areas. Three weeks of regular laser treatments have cut my pain level in half, and I'm sleeping better as well. Now I can go longer between treatments, too. Thank you, Dr. Bourree."

- Marion K.

"Before I even thought about chiropractic care, my quality of life was like none at all. I got pain in the mornings which made me not want to get out of bed. But now, I can sleep and be fully asleep in less than 10 minutes and best of all I also wake up fully rested now without pain."

- Jay, 19 year old student / store clerk

"My sleep quality and being able to enjoy my passion for fishing has improved immensely since starting chiropractic care. When I began care, I was sleeping maybe four hours a night and couldn’t fish because I wasn’t able to sit for long periods of time. Now, I’m waking up fully rested, I’m able to fish again and I’m enjoying life a lot more"

- Rick, 47 year old business manager

"Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life to a much better level than I was at before I was involved in a car accident. The difference in the frequency and severity of my headaches has been astonishing!"

- Rebecca, 26 year old bank manager

"After starting chiropractic care I can finally sleep better. I don’t have as much lower and upper back aches, I feel a boost in energy and I’m feeling more positive"

- Mee Chai, 23 year old produce/floral wholesaler

"When I first came into the office, I could hardly get out of bed because my mid and low back were so sore. Now, I can get up with only occasional to often times no pain"

- Allison, 38 year old nurses aide

"After beginning care, I have noticed that there is less stiffness and aches in my back throughout the day."

- Sara, 25 year old environmental researcher

"After my car accident two years ago, I also suffered from daily neck pain and migraine headaches. I sought chiropractic care for months and my headaches still continued. I felt my neck has never been adjusted properly before. Now I get tremendous relief. In a short time, I can feel and see a marked improvement in my well-being. My lower back was constantly in serious pain. After an adjustment now, I get relief and I can walk smoothly, my knees feel stronger and I feel more confident with my daily routine. "

- Deanne, 60 year old business owner

"When I got into my car accident, my back felt as though it was twisted into knots. I wasn’t able to do much after starting my adjustments, my quality of life has improved 100%. Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that my health in general has gotten better with Chiropractic, I’ve had few colds and more energy."

- Michelle, 20 years old student

"I came in to Lakeview Chiropractic for wellness care—no specific complaint. Since starting care in December my flexibility has improved dramatically and my carpel tunnel symptoms have nearly disappeared."

- Gwen, 41 years old software engineer

"I’ve had TMJ problems for 7 years, and back problems for 1 year. I live in Holland, but I visited the US and Canada for a month. Dr. Sue treated me for a week and I feel big relief every time I visit him. Seriously: this guy is very, very talented!!! And I have confidence that I can start enjoying a better quality of life again."

- Wilf, 25 year old international DJ

"In freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with TMJ and had to go to the hospital because my jaw wouldn’t unlock. After many years of pain, at 25, I started chiropractic. I quickly noticed after 2 months of care, the TMJ was 90% better! I have maintained that level and higher ever since."

- Dana, 33 years old homemaker

"My overall health is far greater than before chiropractic care. I have not had a major cold or flu and I feel my overall health is much improved."

- Jeff, 33 years old

"My daughter’s quality of life has improved greatly while under care. I have noticed that she does not suffer from bad headaches, she also has lots of energy—physical and mental. Also her confidence is better—and her cramps have lessened as well. Thank you for the awesome job you do!"

- Yolanda, mother

"I had serious lower back pain that was always constant unless I laid down. Two months of physical therapy did not help. In fact, it made the pain worse. Finally I went to the chiropractor and within weeks the pain had decreased and in a month it went away."

- Marty, 46 years old software engineer

"Several years ago, because of job related stress, I was having painful upper neck headaches. In order to relieve the pain I was taking 3 to 4 Tylenol a day sometimes as early as 9:30am. I started going to a chiropractor and all pain ceased. Now I may take 4 Tylenol a year!"

- Jerry, 64 years old retiree

"I started chiropractic care to help with daily headaches that were related to neck pain. I tool Ibuprofen daily and usually woke up with a muscle tension headache. I’m happy to say after 6 weeks of care, my headaches are completely gone (except the ones I earn). Thank you!"

- Barbie, 32 years old business owner


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